Fiat 500 en Fiat 500 S Riva

Fiat 500 en Fiat 500 S Riva

Several fine chrome details in the new 500 Riva exalt the spirit ‘Marine’ 500 Edge, as well as the finishes in aquamarine hue – the color of the myth of boating – present in the outer sides evoke the beauty range on every boat, characterizing unequivocally this new limited special series.

For the interior color combinations were developed between paneling and stitching, but black is dominating. On request it is possible to equip the 500 S of fine leather upholstery Frau. Other passenger details are the Satin Graphite dashboard fascia and steering wheel specially stylized. At the center of the bridge towers the HD 7 “display of UConnect infotainment system also provides for the availability of a hi-fi system marked BeatsAudio subwoofer in the trunk.

In 1957, the birth of the Fiat 500 helped to power a country rapidly changing, creating a car cult sold nearly 4 million copies. Those were the years of the Dolce Vita, during which Italy left again with energy and enthusiasm. The legendary “fiver” not only met the new need in an accessible way mobility but fully represented the will to live of an entire generation.

No shortage chrome details, to enhance the “sea” spirit of Riva 500, while the aquamarine color symbol of the myth of sailing, is present in the outer sides to evoke this band on every boat Riva. The “strength” of a 500 and the style of a Riva boat allowed, in short, to realize exclusive car for quality, technology and design, while preserving the values ​​of the two myths. The Riva 500 becomes “the smallest yacht” elegant and stylish making every trip a cruise on the road. (C.Ca.)

Fiat 500 en Fiat 500 S Riva

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