Fiat 124 Spider La Dolce Vita

Fiat 124 Spider La Dolce Vita

The 124 original Spider turns 50 this year! A great occasion for Fiat to revive the model in a significantly modernized version. Nevertheless difficult to know if the rebirth of this icon have been possible without the help of the Japanese. Under her sexy silhouette devil and his fleshy contours, the beautiful Italian hides indeed below … Mazda MX-5! A (small) dent in as much as a stab brand in the heart of the purists of the brand in Turin, but in the end the insurance for Fiat to have one of the best bases of the kind currently available on the market. Rather seen so.

The basis is common with the MX-5, which bodes a very pleasant demeanor and player. However, the engine will be specific and necessarily with a different character from those of the Japanese. Aesthetically, if the proportions are the same, the style is still very strange, with reminders from the historic 124 Spider of 1966.

To claim, as the Italians do, the 124 Spider is a unique offering in the market is a bit exaggerated … even if it is only because his sister platform, the Mazda MX-5 is too! For the rest, roadsters at this level of range and price does not really run the streets. Actually, we do not see others. A good point for Fiat.

Ten years after the Barchetta, the 124 Spider convertible hands and driving pleasure to date with Fiat. And no matter if the model is now produced in Japan, refinement and comfort are here those of a real Italian roadster. Viva la dolce vita!

Fiat 124 Spider La Dolce Vita

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