Fiat 124 Coupe could join Spider

Fiat 124 Coupe could join Spider

Fiat might build the Miata coupe that Mazda insists won’t happen under its watch, while reviving an iconic nameplate that has laid dormant for decades.

The Italian automaker is in the early stages of turning the Miata-based 124 Spider into a coupe, according to British magazine Autocar. And while Mazda already offers a version of the Miata with a retractable hard top, the 124-based coupe is being developed with a fixed roof like the original model that was sold from 1967 to 1975. Insiders have revealed that the model could look a lot like the Abarth 124 Rally concept (pictured) that was introduced earlier this year at the Geneva Auto Show.

In regards to how the Fiat 124 will look with a fixed coupe roof, it could look a lot like the Abarth 124 rally car concept which was shown at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show back in March. While that car had a racing livery that’s bound to be absent from any production coupe, it did have a fixed metal roof.

The coupe version of the 124 will likely use the same 1.4-litre turbo petrol found in the Spider model. This unit in the Fiat sports car produces 138bhp as standard or 178bhp in the Abarth variant.

AC reports the new 124 Coupe will likely carry a 10-percent premium across the pond, with a similar increase in the US. But predicting the impact of that price hike is a little bit trickier than multiplying the 124 Spider’s price by 1.1, since we don’t know what trims the Coupe will come in. The Abarth is likely a shoe-in, starting around $31,000. If, and it’s a big if, Fiat sells a 124 Coupe Classica, expect a $27,500 starting price, while a hardtop Lusso would be a smidge over $30,000.

Fiat 124 Coupe could join Spider

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