Ferrari’s modular next-gen platform

Ferrari's modular next-gen platform 1

Altair has sent a group of designers and engineers to work on-site at Ferrari’s vehicle development center in Italy to work alongside Ferrari’s own team. The new platform is expected to be 15 per cent lighter but with an over 20 per cent better performance in crash, NVH and other critical attributes, according to Altair.

According to the report, vehicles on the next-gen platform are expected to be lighter and better performing, and the platform will reduce vibration, noise, and harshness. Altair’s designers and engineers worked alongside the automaker’s manufacturing, design, and engineering teams in Italy to create the platform.

The Chief Technology Officer at Altair, Royston Jones claims that the new platform will be an outcome of massive deployment of structural optimization and material layout optimization. He also said that the new architecture has an organic nature with the “structure flowing smoothly from sections to joints”.

The new flexible platform is being developed in conjunction with Altair, an engineering consultancy firm based in Detroit, Michigan, which provided computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) expertise and software.

Altair is focused on the development and broad application of simulation technology to synthesize and optimize designs, processes and decisions for improved business performance. Privately held with more than 2,600 employees, Altair is headquartered in Troy, Michigan, USA and operates more than 45 offices throughout 22 countries. Today, Altair serves more than 5,000 corporate clients across broad industry segments. To learn more, please visit

Ferrari's modular next-gen platform

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