Ferrari will produce 350 exclusive cars

Ferrari will produce 350 exclusive cars

The latest special edition presented by Ferrari was the F12tdf (illustrating the opening of this note) and collectors indicate that the car would have been well received by collectors, since their market value would have doubled even before all 799 units have been delivered by the brand.

In time, if you are not one of the lucky new owners of one copy, just visit the Paris Motor Show this year, which will take place between 1 and 16 October. It is there that Ferrari intends to reveal all 350 vehicles to the public – either in person or by pictures, because there was not enough space to display the cars on site.

Ferrari plans to celebrate his 70th birthday in style. According to information from Autocar magazine, the company will launch 350 super sports exclusivíssimos, and each will have unique features. The announcement was made during the closing ceremony of the Ferrari Cavalcade, kind of rally that meets customer and brand collectors.

“The entire team at Maranello met to review the 70 years of the history of Ferrari and tried to identify the most iconic models ever produced by the company, both outside and inside,” said Enrico Galliera, marketing director of Ferrari.

Ferrari will produce 350 exclusive cars

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