Ferrari special series to new records

Ferrari special series to new records

A hair, while remaining relative, less exclusive brand of Maranello? Yes if you want … At constant volume, the year 2016 should close with a new record year in terms of copies sold worldwide and some 8,000 copies sold.

What to blow the ceiling recorded in 2015 to over 7600 units sold.

Sergio Marchionne was in its time the tone indicating that production volumes would be increased. History to continue to make these volumes up, at Ferrari we will build on a whole lot of special and limited editions.

Even more than the Coupé LaFerrari last LaFerrari Aperta is a very exclusive car. So much so that to sell the rare examples built, Ferrari chose only its most loyal customers.

Technically, Preston Henn is one of the most loyal customers, who have in his garage a F40, a F50, an Enzo or a 275 GTB and a LaFerrari Coupé. Yet he was not selected among the lucky winners of the LaFerrari Spider.

He then sent a check for $ 1 million to the big boss of FCA Sergio Marchionne, accompanied by a small letter to convince him of his passion. But the refusal of the latter, he decided to pursue justice for Ferrari in “harms its reputation Ferrari collector.” Unbelievable.

Ferrari special series to new records

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