Ferrari LaFerrari Spider confirmed for 2017

Ferrari LaFerrari Spider confirmed for 2017

499 copies of the LaFerrari products were sold. And some might be tempted to double blow. Indeed, LaFerrari Spider should arrive in 2017. The CEO Sergio Marchionne confirmed during an interview on the web. Or rather, he said that its sales teams had contacted potential customers for this hypercar. They receive a private proposal for a rare car that cut LaFerrari and could reach almost € 3 million.

Which is probably already folded this is that the total production of the Ferrari LaFerrari Spider has already been poured and ordered from the faithful and wealthy clients of the Italian brand.

Several figures circulating on full volume. 70 units here. There 150 copies. Clearly the car will be a collector yet assembled cut up to 499 units.

LaFerrari Spider should logically take the frame cut carbon fiber, which ensure excellent rigidity. As for the roof, there is a good chance that it is “hard”. Either on the principle of roadster, with either a fixed panel of Targa-type. Anyway, the Spider will be powered by the hybrid system of 963 hp with the 6.3 V12 800 hp!

Ferrari LaFerrari Spider confirmed for 2017

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