Ferrari J50 an exclusive tribute to Japan


There are more and more special editions of exclusive brands. Any excuse is good for generating a new business. Of course, when it comes to Ferrari, the motives do not matter, the car lovers paralyze us as well. Anyway, the Maranello house pays homage to this J50 to the half-century of operations that it takes in Japan.

This J50 is based on the 488 Spider, but unlike this, its architecture is of the “targa” type: its roof is composed of two plates of carbon fiber that can be dismantled and then stored behind the backs of the seats. Without the roof the car looks great, for something Ferrari has only spread images without it.

Of its particular design stands out the great air intake of the frontal sector, the pieces in black color of the rear sector, on the edge of blanket of the engine and the deflector; And the black line that runs along the trunk and part of the sides that reminiscent of the GTO models of the past. In short, a true work of art of sports aesthetics. One more that adds to the rich history of the Cavallino Rampante.


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