Ferrari celebrates 70 years

Ferrari celebrates 70 years

We were on March 12, 1947 when Enzo Ferrari started the 125 S, the first car to bear his name. With these tests on the roads of Maranello began the history of the modern Ferrari, which was then only a small factory that became the emblem of Made in Italy throughout the world.

On March 12, 1947, a red two-seater discovered left the workshop where it had been born to cross an arch door leading to Via Abetone Inferiore in Modena. His pilot, an Italian named Enzo Ferrari then 49 years old, was going to try this car named 125 S, the first to wear the crest of the Cavallino Rampante – the now renowned horse prone. This was the beginning of the Ferrari brand history.

With his long experience of pre-war with Alfa Romeo, when he was in charge of the already prestigious Scuderia Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari founded his own brand: Ferrari in 1947. Among other victories in F1 and success in Le Mans, Ferrari is now the most famous brand in the world. Back on the construction of a legend, which for 70 years, is constantly providing itself.

The first Ferrari is the 125S. On March 12, without bodywork, it starts for the first time. This S indicates that the car is primarily intended for racing. Subsequently, it will receive a body very close to the Auto Avio Costruzioni 815, a prototype developed by the Ferrari team during the war.

Ferrari celebrates 70 years

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