Ferrari 275 GTB / 4 NART in Monaco

Ferrari 275 GTB 4 NART in Monaco

On the occasion of the sale organized on May 14 in parallel Historic Grand Prix of Monaco, RM Sotheby’s auction will offer a new gem from the workshops of Maranello: Ferrari 275 GTS / 4 NART Spider 1968.

Catapulted to the rank icon after passing on the big screen at the hands of actor Steve McQueen in the movie “The Thomas Crown Affair,” produced and directed by Norman Jewison, the Ferrari 275 GTS / 4 NART is considered a of the rarest models and most valuable ever produced in Maranello. And for good reason.

In 1968 the “God of Cool” Steve McQueen (GQ # 91) was driving at the wheel in the film The Thomas Crown Affair. An appearance on the screen generally increased the odds of a car. Especially if the driver has married a beautiful acting career, as is the case of McQueen.

ultimate argument, the sale will take place at the famous F1 GP of Monaco. There is nothing better to unleash the passion of wealthy collectors and drive up the bidding. But it will be the ultimate hammer whether specialists have just referred. Response in a little more than three weeks.

Ferrari 275 GTB 4 NART in Monaco1

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