Fastest ever police pick-up revealed

Fastest ever police pick-up revealed

Capable of speeds up to 100 mph, the all-new F-150 Police Responder features a 5-liter EcoBoost engine and Ford SelectShift 10-speed transmission, plus four-wheel drive.

The F-150 the public can buy has a 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine.  It can also be ordered with a 10-speed transmission. The F-150 Police Responder is also built of high-strength, military-strength, aluminum alloy. Ford has pushed this combination of metals every since it moved away from the version built primarily from steel.

The truck gets a special interior for police work, police calibrated brakes, all terrain tires, and 18-inch wheels. The truck also has the most passenger capacity of any pursuit-rated vehicle. The special brakes have different calipers and friction material to help them stand up to pursuits.

Other US Ford law enforcement vehicles include the Special Service F-150 and Expedition, the market-leading Police Interceptor Sedan and Utility, Special Service Police Sedan and Transit Prisoner Transport Vehicle and the Police Responder Hybrid Sedan – America’s first pursuit-rated hybrid police car.

Fastest ever police pick-up revealed

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