Faraday plans to build a hyper-connected car


But we would be wrong, says engineering chief Nick Sampson, if we thought that the FF 91 is a simple car. It is really a “category of technology that had not existed before”. With an enthusiasm bordering on arrogance, he compared it to the presentation 10 years ago of the Apple iPhone, the latest revolutionary hardware article that redefined its category and changed the world of technology.

The first thing in Faraday’s vision is the creation of the latest in devices connected to the Internet, putting personalized media in front of each passenger and turning the car into the most convenient access point on the planet.

Mercedes announced a hybrid transportation system, which combines its vans with drones from Matternet, an initial company born at Singularity University, to offer point-to-point casting with an ingenious solution.

Honda launched a NeuV (New urban vehicle) a futuristic two-seater that remembers to the model without steering wheel nor pedals of Google.


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