Faraday Future’s ambitious new SUV


Faraday Future promises the FF 91 will have a range of 378 miles, but the company was cagey when asked about charging infrastructure. It hemmed and hawed when asked about a network like Tesla’s Supercharging system but confirmed today that the FF 91 has the ability to charge at more than 500 miles per hour.

All of this is being developed in house. Which on one hand is impressive for such a small company, but also means that it could run up the price of the vehicle when and if it goes on sale. The staggering number of features demoed during the tour made it difficult to even guess at the eventual price of the FF 91.

Having seen the presentation, Mr Ramsay commented that he was “not convinced” that the firm was yet a clear contender.

“It still seems like it’s more in the realm of fantasy than reality,” he added.

“For the car to have a 130 kWh battery pack, it would be very heavy, and very expensive – extremely expensive to have a battery that size.”


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