Faraday Future unveils electric


Faraday debuted at CES last year with a concept car not intended to be produced, raising eyebrows over the company’s legitimacy and Jia’s overall strategy. A cash crunch at LeEco and Faraday’s missed payments to a contractor working on its $1 billion Nevada factory have spurred more questions in recent months over Faraday’s financial situation.

The car also wants to take care of you once you leave the vehicle as well. At the unveiling event, the company demoed a self parking feature that let’s drivers get out of their FF 91 it drives off in search of a space in a parking lot. It’s pretty cool for people that love the mall.

A $5,000 refundable deposit reserves your place in line, and the first 300 reservations will have the option to upgrade their orders to a special FF 91 Alliance Edition this coming March. The company hasn’t yet clarified what special features will be included on the Alliance Edition model.

Faraday Future has had a difficult year, with rumors financial woes growing worse, lawsuits from vendors alleging lack of payment, and the loss of several key executives that reportedly culminated with the recent departure of global CEO Ding Lei. By the looks of things, Faraday’s journey may grow even more difficult before things get any easier. But the company has gathered big names from across the auto industry and other industries as well. It has the vision, it has the talent, and it has prototypes of what is undoubtedly one of the most impressive and innovative vehicles that has ever existed. If Faraday can escape its past, it very well may be able to build and launch the car of the future.


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