F90 BMW M5 review

F90 BMW M5 review

That’s quite the jump on the $95k starting price of the last M5, but with the new model you get an all-wheel-drive system that enables the car to handle all types of weather.

Given its reputation as being the barometer to which all competitors are benchmarked against, it was always a challenge for BMW to ensure the M5 remained ahead of rivals from the three-pointed star and four rings. With the F10 now retired after five years of service, and the W213 Mercedes-AMG E 63 stepping out of the shadows, the F90 M5 has arrived just in time to uphold the reputation of the nameplate.

Unless, that is, you turn the stability control off completely, and engage two-wheel drive. In which case, the M5 has magnificent poise, a deft balance, and the ability to smoke up its rear tyres like one of the very best super saloons of all time. BMW is quite proud of all the electronics systems, which match all of the M5’s prodigious tech together.

Four-wheel drive or not, the new M5 is still a proper driver’s car, but it’s also a luxury saloon and rides relatively well even on 20-inch alloys. Comfort mode for the standard adaptive dampers gives the ride a compliant quality, with enough suspension travel to soak up all but the worst bumps.

F90 BMW M5 review

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