F16X The Codename Of The First Ferrari SUV

F16X The Codename Of The First Ferrari SUV

Prices? Upwards of €300,000, or £265,000. Despite this, demand is expected to be ultra-high: Ferrari insiders predict the new F16X Ferrari SUV could double annual sales to around 16,000 units a year. Which is surely good enough reason for the Italian sports car firm to bow to the inevitable.

Interestingly enough, the motoring magazine heard that the high-riding Ferrari will have “suicide back doors, allowing for a huge doorway and no B-pillars for unimpeded access to the rear seats.” Furthermore, word also has it the soft-roader will be the first gasoline-electric hybrid to wear the Prancing Horse badge proudly since the awe-inspiring LaFerrari hypercar.

The bad news is the price; in typical Ferrari fashion, the cost of buying a Ferrari SUV looks likely to be through the roof. According to anonymous insiders, the car will be priced at an incredible €300,000, which works out at around £265,000 – ouch!

We should also mention that Ferrari hasn’t confirmed any such rumours, so take this latest leak with a pinch of salt. It’s entirely possible that Ferrari has no plans for an SUV crossover, and even if it does, 2021 is a long way off and those plans could certainly change.

F16X The Codename Of The First Ferrari SUV

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