F1 is changing Aston Martin

F1 is changing Aston Martin

“Tension,” Palmer said. “It’s tough, you could do a PhD in management around managing the disciplines of Adrian, Marek and David King… David’s in charge of actually making the car. Marek is in charge of the aesthetic design and Adrian is in charge of the engineering design.

“What Adrian does is he constantly challenges everything and that creates a tension. Firstly, can you make the thing and can you make it legal on the road. And then does it impact on the beauty of the car. Then you’ve got these three people but also these three disciplines in constant tension. My job is to somehow play the conductor of that group. At some stage you’ve got to say ‘Adrian, stop meddling, we’ve got to get on with execution.’

This means that we can expect great things from the person. We are not sure of the fact if the AMG 4.0 liter V8, engine will work for the upcoming line up. It’s unlikely that it will make its way over there.

The CEO said that they are still figuring out the strategy through which the plan will move in action. It is being said that an engine like that of a V8 or a V12 will be needed for it.

F1 is changing Aston Martin

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