F-450 Luxurious Work Truck

F-450 Luxurious Work Truck

Speaking of which, the new Ford F-450 Limited now starts from $87,100, with the company acknowledging that if a customer checks every box on the options list the total will be as much as $94,455 or just above $100,000 when you include taxes and fees.

While a $95,000 pickup truck might sound ridiculous, Ford insists there really is a market for it. According to a study from MaritzCX covering the 2016 model year, the light-duty Ford F-150 is the most popular new vehicle not just among the United States population as a whole, but even among those raking in $200k or more per year. The F-350 Limited 4×4 will start a bit higher, at $82,010, while buyers will need to pony up a staggering $87,100 for an F-450 Limited 4×4.

Interestingly, Ford has even taken to laser-etching a serial number onto the center console armrest, which is the sort of thing you might expect to see on a limited-edition, boutique sports coupe – not necessarily on a volume-production truck.

After all, working hard means that you get to appreciate the finer things, like towing 30,000 pounds from the vantage point of a sumptuous interior and a heated leather seat.

Ford Unveils New ‘Luxury’ Truck

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