Exciting new GTIs, including hybrids

Exciting new GTIs, including hybrids

Called the Golf GTI First Decade, the hybrid GTI presented by Volkswagen in Wörthersee is non-rechargeable. It is based on a light hybridization system consisting of a 2.0 l turbocharged petrol engine of 410 hp driving the front wheels to a small electric block of 16 horsepower (12 kW). Operating in 48V, it is connected to the rear wheels and powered by two batteries, also located at the rear, whose capacity is not specified. According to the manufacturer, the two engines can act alone or in concert.

This hybrid family has a battery of 16.8 kWh, which doubles the electric range of the series model sold in Europe. We also retain the brilliant bodywork in 5 different tones, the ventilation slots on the hood, the lively ambient lighting and the panoramic roof.

Inside, the steering wheel, center console, transmission lever and interior door panels are accented with blue stitching trim, which is also featured on Alcantara’s dressed race-style bucket seats .

Notably, the Golf GTE impulsE is the result of the work of a team of 14 apprentices studying at the Volkswagen factory in Zwickau.

Exciting new GTIs, including hybrids

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