Entry Audi R8 to feature Porsche 2.9L TT V6


Although they aren’t too far apart in terms of pricing, it isn’t exactly fair to compare the two-door Audi R8 to the Porsche Panamera sports sedan. However, they would soon be comparable when the second-gen model of the Audi super car arrives.

Audi has apparently flagged the end-of-the-line for its legendary 316kW/430Nm 4.2-litre V8 petrol unit, citing the high costs of making the engine meet future emissions standards, and the trouble of dealing with some markets like China, where tax is calculated on the engine’s capacity and emissions.

The new 2.9-litre twin-turbo V6 installed in the latest Panamera 4S creates 323kW at 5650rpm, and 550Nm of torque between 1750-5550rpm. Porsche’s engineers are keen to point out that this figure was achieved with a relatively low boost pressure of 0.4bar (5.8psi); suggesting the powertrain has the potential for a load more muscle.

Audi hasn’t yet confirmed the performance credentials of the new V6 for its model range, but it did state there will be more than one power output options. Apparently the old V8 mill has passed away due to the world’s emissions rules and the engine capacity-related taxation in China – and we can say the entry-level R8 has been rumored so far on more than one occasion.

With that said, you can expect similar outputs for the RS models, possibly even increasing to as much as 460 for good measure, while the R8 will likely get something closer to 490 horsepower, leaving it some 50 horsepower shy of the R8 V-10 and around 120 horsepower shy of the wild R8 V-10 plus at 610 horsepower.


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