C-Aircross Concept, the new Citroën SUV

Citroën launches new C-Aircross Concept 1

As in the new C3, the use of chromatic contrast is fundamental for the most jovial and even fun aspect that characterizes this language. We can see in the C-Aircross small touches of strong orange – or Fluorescent Coral as Citroën calls it in the outline of the front optics or in the C pillar, which integrates a grid composed of sheets, with aerodynamic effect.

Aerodynamics and SUVs are not usually compatible, but the Citroën strove to make the C-Aircross as fluid as possible, with special care taken in the design of surfaces, with the presence of elements such as air intakes in the Front and with the corresponding exit on the side, integrated in the Airbumps and the presence of a rear diffuser.

Another of the highlights is the opposing opening doors, which allow entry into a spacious passenger compartment, provided with materials and colors that create a relaxed and technological environment.

In addition, the C-Aircross Concept has an intelligent and intuitive human-machine interface. Both the driver and passengers can access many functions via the central 12-inch touchscreen.

The occupants of the vehicle have the possibility of

Get information on the way through the Citroën Connect Nav, 3D navigation with voice recognition. In addition, each of them can choose the music or movie.

Citroën launches new C-Aircross Concept 1

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