Design Vanquish Volante Aston Martin

Design Vanquish Volante Aston Martin

Zagato’s designers have worked to make the most brutal Vanquish. The concept of the Villa d’Este footprint references to the latest models of the firm’s Gaydon. Treatment flag very shifty forming a continuous line with the opening rear window and the shoulders marked the rear fenders refer to Vulcan.

For their part, small round rear lights and the fly are the boss character traits of the Zagato bodywork. As for the work on the flanks, and the aerodynamic lips curved rear window, they clearly evoke the DB11. The latter presented at the Geneva show and launched by the end of 2016 should help revive the ailing brand in recent years.

In line right of previous collaborative projects between the two marks, the Vanquish Zagato takes the form of a cut in the more sophisticated style than normal Vanquish.

And why not a convertible version? Yes, why not when viewing the image modified by X-Tomi, showing Volante virtually imagined. Rather pretty, is not it?

The bow of the Vanquish Zagato retains the outline of the Vanquish “classic”, but it can also detect some features of the future DB11, including through the ribbed bonnet and headlights optical drawing. The large grille, it bears the signature of the designer Milan with dozens of “Z” nested within each other. At the rear, the changes are more pronounced. The fires boomerang, appeared on the second generation Vanquish, gave way to circular optics.

Above them, one can see the work carried on by double-hump roof. As for the carbon diffuser housing the four tailpipes, it leaves no doubt about the sporting dimension of the craft. Moreover, the famous V12 5.9 l climbs, for the occasion, to 600 hp. This concept could lead to a very limited series, but Aston Martin has as yet nothing said.

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