The “demonic” automobile inspired by Fast and Furious

The "demonic" automobile inspired by Fast and Furious

It is also the first production vehicle in the world to take off its front wheels of the ground to the best “wheelie” style, something that until now could only be seen in the tracks of competition of the races of mile.

It is also the fastest production car – not counting hybrids or exotic vehicles – with an acceleration of only 2.3 seconds from 0 to 60 miles per hour (equivalent to 96.56 km / h) and the fastest to run 1 / 4 miles in 9.65 seconds at a speed of 140 miles per hour or 225 km / h.

The specifications of the vehicle itself. According to its manufacturer, the car has the most powerful V8 engine ever designed for a mass-production vehicle, almost 840 horsepower. Due to its ability to power, the Demon is also the car that registers the highest level of G forces on board for the pilot of a production car, 1.8 G forces when it is accelerated to full or a sharp turn. Just to get an idea, the average roller coasters usually exercise on their crew a G-force of about 1.0.

The specialists, according to Infobae review, also said that the ‘Demon’ should only be handled with a professional NHRA competition license.

Added to that idea was the specialized site Automotive News, which in a column of opinion said that the car should be banned directly on public roads, being “intrinsically dangerous for the safety of other drivers on the streets.”

The "demonic" automobile inspired by Fast and Furious

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