Dacia Duster Strongman with the Fisherman’s Friend livery

Dacia Duster Strongman with the Fisherman's Friend livery

In this goliardic climate, Dacia, as co-marketing by Fischerman Friend’s, presented to the public the Duster Strongman, made in only 100 specimens. For Duster is the 4th model proposed in Extra Limited Edition after the 2014 Brave (4×4) adventurer and the Freeway (4 × 2) and Titan (4×4) in 2015. This time To emphasize its strong soul and to emphasize the robustness of the model that still comes full optional.

Duster Strongman has a sea livery recalling the famous Fischerman Friend’s candy, a livery made with the wrapping technique from an important Italian company exclusively for Dacia Italia. The base color of the bodywork is shiny black, color contrasting to the roof, while the silk screen film has been covered with all the bodywork. A professional execution for a Limited Edition that is also protected by any scratches on the bodywork. No problem in the event of an accident, Dacia Italia has a pre-agreed agreement to repair the damaged bodywork.

The Dacia Duster Strongman will be produced in 100 specimens and will follow a strategy that Dacia considers to be the Duster on the ridge of the wave, with the youngest age (it is on sale since 2010) and the competition of more cars Young and fashionable. The challenging price and the flashy colors so far have not scared customers: the 300 specimens of the previous three series have all run out.

Dacia Duster Strongman with the Fisherman's Friend livery

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