Current development for the future Hyundai i30 N

Current development for the future Hyundai i30 N

The Korean manufacturer will soon be launching a sport variant of its i30, called “N”: “Symbolizing a chicane, the logo” N “embodies the vision of an agile and fun to drive,” says Hyundai, Video in which we see our national rally driver testing the prototype of this new model on a frozen lake in the Far North.

His reaction: “The engineers did excellent work on the gearbox and the differential. There is good traction and good stability under slick test conditions. And the car is very easy to handle. At the wheel, a normal driver should have a sensation similar to that offered by a race car. “

It is one of the official drivers of the brand, the Belgian Thierry Neuville, who took part in the development of this declination i30 N during the tests carried out on the frozen lakes of Arjeplog, in Sweden. Tests on the electronic stability control, limited slip differential, steering, suspension and tires of the i30 N were on the program of the celebrations for this session conducted by 30 ° C.

For its part, Hyundai is entering the final phase of the development of this i30 N with the help of the official driver Hyundai WRC, Thierry Neuvile. Differential limited slip, about 275 hp, specific chassis and sporty look, this i30 looks good.

Current development for the future Hyundai i30 N

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