the most creative of autonomous vehicles


Frank M. Rinderknecht said that the design is inspired by R2D2, the famous robot of The Wars of the Galaxies. Futuristic paint has to spare, its propulsion system employs two electric motors of 45 kW, food by a polymer battery of lithium with 12 kWh of capacity. Maximum speed reaches 30 kilometers per hour, acceleration reaches 100 kilometers per hour in 9.7 seconds and autonomy remains at just one hundred kilometers per load. The Oasis is a compendium of technology applied to the car, with some frivolity to make of this concept car one of the most creative of the autonomous vehicles.

Project images or sounds to the outside. Withdraw online purchases managed by the user’s smartphone. Be used by another driver in a new way of understanding car-sharing. Turn on its own axis to facilitate the maneuvers in small spaces with a radius of zero degrees. The benefits of the Rinspeed Oasis are endless and diverse, and aspire to propose mobility solutions.

Its interior simulates the times of a living room. The urban two-seater has two couches to enjoy a windshield with augmented reality that acts as a huge head-up display, a panoramic screen that along the board notifies information relating to driving, entertainment for the passenger or that in autonomous mode can serve Like a curved cinema screen with 5K resolution controlled by gestures. The steering wheel rotates to become a table. A space dedicated to growing flowers and plants. A trunk capable of preserving the temperature of a cold beverage or a hot meal.


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