This crazy Fiat drives like a Porsche

This crazy Fiat drives like a Porsche

Made the only five specimens, each of which starts in the sum of 58,950 euros (about 1.593 million CZK). It is certainly not low, even though the vehicle encompasses both the donor and the whole conversion, all assembly and painting. Abarth 500 is the course got into the territory of that Porsche, after finding five potential owners might not be so easy.

On the other hand, if you deeper into your pockets, Pogea Racing has the solution for you. Indeed, you can reach only after mechanical adjustments to the engine and transmission, in which time you pay “only” 21,000 euros (567,500 CZK). In addition, separately for grabs also widespread bodykit which carbon can also replace plastic. So the choice is yours.

It now produces 404 horsepower and an electronically limited 445 Nm of torque, with whom can be counted at 3,350 rpm. Ares owes for new pistons, exhaust valves, turbocharger, oil cooler and the crankshaft. To be a high performance all transferred to the road (hereinafter referred to as the front wheels), there was also a new clutch and flywheel.

Further the new housing reinforced five-speed manual gearbox and a more efficient cooler. There is also a limited-slip differential, then we must not forget drilled brake discs with a diameter of 322 mm, which is hidden behind 18palcovými alloy wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport tires. Mechanical transformation then closes reduced installation and přitvrzeného chassis KW Clubsport.

This crazy Fiat drives like a Porsche

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