The Countryman, a Mini … maxi!

The Countryman, a Mini ... maxi! 1

On the presentation side, the Mini spirit remains, with a large central round dial and aeronautical type controls.

The Countryman is based on the traction platform of the BMW Group, which is used in particular for the X1 (longer 14 cm) and Series 2 Active Tourer.

The combination ZF (8-speed) auto-box is perfect. According to your means, you will have the choice between blocks 3 or 4 cylinders, with 2 or 4 wheel drive, developing from 136 to 231 hp. Basic price 25.800 €. And this summer will appear a hybrid version to complete the range.

In a word like in 100, this Countryman gentleman is more wise, but also safer, with its systems of assistance of driving and safety.

Side chest, there is enough to leave in family weekend, since we have 450 to 545 liters of volume, including the hatch in the floor and playing on the depth thanks to a rear seat which slides on 13 cm. By lowering the latter totally, it goes up to 1,390 liters!

The Countryman, a Mini ... maxi!

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