The convertible V12 of 775 hp

The convertible V12 of 775 hp 1

In Geneva, the Pagani booth will be the occasion for the manufacturer to exhibit this Huayra Roadster, the convertible version of this particularly impressive model of power and design. A Roadster version that also pays the luxury of being lighter than the coupe version, with here 1280 kg on the scale, 80 kg less than the classic Huayra. A feat accomplished thanks to a carbon-titanium chassis, and a lightweight suspension.

The mechanical part is always ensured by the V12 6.0 liters biturbo provided by Mercedes-AMG. The M158 now develops 774 horsepower at 6,200 rpm and 1000 Nm of torque from 2,400 rpm. A cavalry superior to that of the coupé, which will propel 1,280 kg of carbon fiber. It is better than the coupe, displayed at 1,350 kg, a first for a convertible!

The Huayra Roadster will thus remain an object of pleasure inaccessible to the 99.9% of the inhabitants of the planet and a fantasy object for many teenagers budding asbestos.

For his experience, Pagani also made modifications to the suspension that uses a new light alloy called HiForg. The brakes supplied by Brembo consist of 4 ceramic carbon discs of 380 mm with calipers with 6 pistons in the front 4 pistons in the back. Pirelli also developed a specific tire for the Roadster, identified by the initials “HP” on the sidewalls.

The convertible V12 of 775 hp

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