Concept scooter Yamaha 04Gen

Concept scooter Yamaha 04Gen

Yamaha took the first edition of Vietnam Motorcycle Show, which is held currently in Ho Chi Minh City, to unveil its concept 04GEN.

Fourth prototype based on the design philosophy of “refined dynamism,” the 04GEN is based on the concept with Run-Way.

The fourth is an entire program to him a concept oriented philosophy “Dynamism and refinement.” This model is based on the 04GEN RUN-WAY concept, evocative figure of those elegant and graceful women in body and spirit ad builder. Totally. When you talk about fun, it was not lying to you.

Since 2013, Yamaha has chosen a design philosophy called “refined dynamism.” 04Gen This is a logical result of the 2014 01GEN, 02GEN 03GEN 2014 and 2015.

The rear wings are raised 04GEN such a loan butterfly fly away. Sleek, racy and very elegant, 04GEN is a beautiful design object, here presented in pictures and a video.

Concept scooter Yamaha 04Gen 1

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