Colorado ZR2 Test Drive

Colorado ZR2 Test Drive 2

The first thing you’ll notice is how smoothly the Colorado ZR2 operates, whether on a dirt track or the freeway. Refinement and finesse distinguish the Colorado ZR2 from the moment you set out. It’s proficient in rock-crawling and light desert-running, thanks to two electronic locking differentials, hill-descent control with variable speed settings, selectable four-wheel drive, and knobby tires.

The deal is sweetened by dampers developed by Canadian engineering and production company Multimatic, which are intended to smooth out the bucking that usually comes with a day of off-roading, and keep the body stable while the wheels rise and lower over varying surfaces.

As a company that’s known for using damper technology on high-performance cars, Multimatic developed its first application of off-road damping on the Colorado ZR2. Using its Dynamic Suspensions Spool Valve technology, which is also used on the Chevrolet Camaro Z/28, the ZR2 dampers were changed to provide more piston travel for off-road use. The positional-sensitive damper includes three operational ranges: off-road bump, on-road operating, and off-road rebound range. There are two spool valves that provide compression and rebound damping for regular driving, but the third spool is exclusively tuned to deliver a compression damping during intense off-roading.

There’s also a separate housing to increase the oil and nitrogen reservoir capacity, and everything was designed to enhance cooling. The result is a suspension that absorbs the weight and force well when landing after catching some air while also providing a pleasant on-road driving experience and tackling some of the most extreme trails in the country.

Colorado ZR2 Test Drive 2

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