classic Volkswagen Combi is transformed

classic Volkswagen Combi is transformed 1

This vehicle has a concept that has never before been seen, since the bodywork, which invariably reminds us of the Combi, is used for the first time in the automotive industry to present a concept of zero emission auto with totally autonomous handling and solutions of interior space that Give rise to up to eight passengers.

Volkswagen AG unveiled a new design of its iconic hippie-era combi in an electric version as the company looks for ways to get past the emissions scandal that erupted 16 months ago. See here the renewed flagship model of the German brand.

Equipped with LED lights that surround the whole vehicle, the IDBUZZ keeps inside the highest technology, as its board that lacks buttons thanks to the tactile technology, from where you can control all the elements like: changes of speeds, Multimedia equipment and stand-alone mode.

This “Combi of the future”, has a range of 430 kilometers on a single charge, thanks to its battery of 111 kWh, enough to start up its two electric motors that reach a speed of 160 km / hr and 0 to 100 kilometers In just 5 seconds.

classic Volkswagen Combi is transformed

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