Citroën Unveils a Futuristic Concept

Citroën Unveils a Futuristic Concept

Now, the French maker has evoked another iconic badge from the past with a new concept car destined for the Paris Motor Show in October: it’s a sleek four-door with a 200kW plug-in hybrid powertrain called the CXperience.

The original CX was an advanced four-door fastback that pioneered highly aerodynamic wind-tunnel-assisted styling, including the cut-off ‘Kamm’ tail now used by many hybrid vehicles.

The interior features bright yellow fabric seats as well as light, textured walnut wood along the doors and front console. A 19-inch touch screen covers most of the central dash, large enough for backseat passengers to see it. The rear seat is one continuous bench, with the backrests split in two. Citroën promises to fully unveil an actual model of the CXperience concept at the Paris Motor Show.

As is becoming more commonplace, door-mounted cameras replace mirrors. Combined with front and rear cameras, you get a 360-degree view.

There will also be elements of the company’s Advanced Comfort programme which heralds changes to the suspension.

Citroën Unveils a Futuristic Concept

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