Citroen unveils CXperience Concept

Citroen unveils CXperience Concept 1

It’s 4.85 metres long on a three-metre wheelbase, a full two metres wide and only 1.37 metres high on its 22 inch wheels, in an unusually slinky approach to large hatchback styling, previewing what Citroen calls ‘a new offensive in brand strategy’.

The interior is based around Citroen’s advanced comfort design programme, reflecting changing customer expectations with memory foam and yellow mesh upholstery and pale walnut veneer trim, over a flat foam floor covered in textured leather with broad chromed sill-plates.

Where most concept vehicles either hint towards a new model in the works or become ultra-futuristic showings of dreamy technology, the Citroën CXperience Concept rides a line between the two. From futuristic design elements to a plug-in hybrid powertrain that could underpin any vehicle on the road today, it’s part “wow, they could build this tomorrow” and part “that will definitely never make it to production.”

In terms of exterior design, the 4.85 meter (15.9 ft) long CXperience Concept sits somewhere between a big sedan and a station wagon, without being either. The profile is marked by short overhangs, a curved hood and a fastback-styled rear, while from the front, the car’s flat-nosed look is accented by a lack of grille work and slim LED lighting on either side.

Citroen’s CXperience will be powered by a plug-in hybrid powertrain which uses the combination of a petrol engine that makes between 150bhp and 200bhp, and an electric motor that’s good for an additional 107bhp. Coupled to this powertrain is a transversally mounted eight-speed auto gearbox that sits between the electric motor and the petrol engine. Citroen added that the CXperience concept can run on only electric power for up to 60km.

Citroen unveils CXperience Concept

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