Citroën Spacetourer Rip Curl concept

Citroën Spacetourer Rip Curl concept

The teams of Rip Curl and the Colors and Materials Department of Citroën have designed the SpaceTourer Rip Curl Concept as a symbolic vehicle for outdoor sport and surfing. From October to January, the SpaceTourer Rip Curl Concept will also tour Europe with the professional surfers of the Rip Curl team on board.

To design it, the chevron brand has partnered with two partners: Automobiles Dangel and Pössl. The latter has been involved in transforming the vehicle into a mini-motor home by equipping it with a kitchenette, a shower with a curtain in the rear and, above all, a lifting roof. Dangel, for its part, provides the disengageable integral transmission of a concept whose grade on the ground is raised compared to the Spacetourer of series.

This is why he takes over the codes of the mythical vans of surfers, including a two-tone exterior treatment. The selected shades suggest a resistant object, in harmony with nature: a dark kaki for the upper part, and a beige luminous for the lower part. The fluorescent yellow ring emphasizes the horizontal line of the vehicle and brings a bright spot between the two colors.

The dark-colored khaki hanging roof features open khaki textile, large open mesh mosquito net and fluorescent yellow textile edges in echo to the fluorescent yellow canopy of the body.

Citroën Spacetourer Rip Curl concept

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