Citroen Reveals New Cxperience Plug-In Hybrid Concept

Citroen Reveals New Cxperience Plug-In Hybrid Concept

Citroen has a new motto: “Be Different, Feel Good.” The CXperience gets it half right. It is different! I just couldn’t stop myself from quoting some of the over the top self congratulatory language from the CXperience press release. “The exceptional new, international body style is a new step forward that marks a new offensive in brand strategy.” Who writes this stuff, anyway?

The concept features a plug-in hybrid powertrain. A 200 horsepower gasoline engine coupled to an electric motor drives the front wheels through an 8 speed automatic transmission. A separate rear electric motor powers the rear wheels. Combined output for the powertrain is 300 horsepower and the car has an electric only range of 37 miles.

Further, the dashboard features a huge 19-inch rectangular display described as being the car’s ‘control centre.’ It provides the driver access to basically all of the concept’s functions and has several split screen modes to allow the front passenger play around with the onboard functions as well.

All of these cars had two-box shapes with long wheelbase lengths and were all about sheer comfort. And given Citroen’s significant presence in China, there could be a business case for a successor to the C6.

That’s another reason why the CXperience has an EV range of more than 50km – a level claimed by sources to make plug-in hybrids more tax-friendly in the world’s largest car market.

Citroen Reveals New Cxperience Plug-In Hybrid Concept 1

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