Citroën presents Space Tourer 4X4

Citroën presents Space Tourer 4X4

This projected Space Tourer version is inspired in March at the Geneva Motor Show, but certainly will not be for sale. So just because only a concept. The minibus has a PSA-partner and specialist Dangel developed four-wheel drive and a range of additional bodywork elements (aluminum roof bars, guards and the like), beautiful 19-inch wheels with chains around it and above all quite remarkable ‘decorations’.

A rather long and even some difficult name, with the umlaut over the capital letter E. suggested the French brand a new product range in Paris in September last year. Exclusive stuff with a high lifestyle and high-tech content sold through the dealer network in a limited edition.

Who thinks of a French wheel, might have to dig into his memory. A well-known name is Dangel, which for years cars of Peugeot and Citroen with the necessary adjustments for off-roading. The latest collaboration between Citroen and Dangel comes in the form of this special space Tourer Concept 4X4 Ë. As the name suggests, the 150 hp BlueHDi diesel engine drives all wheels. A limited slip differential.

Citroën presents Space Tourer 4X4 1

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