Chrysler Portal concept revealed


A wide OLED display high in the dashboard shows vehicle-specific information, while a more traditional portrait-format display offers navigation and entertainment. The Portal design includes the idea of self-driving, so the steering yoke can fold itself way into the dashboard.

Chrysler has invested over 20 years of research into the Millennial Generation (defined as those born between 1982 and 2001). It says it is already the most populous consumer group, and is set to become the largest parental group within the next ten years, with 75 percent of children expected to have a millennial parent.

In terms of electronics, the car is designed with facial recognition and voice biometrics to recognize the driver to customise lighting, music and other settings.

Ashley Edgar, a Fiat Chrysler engineer who worked on the vehicle, described the Portal as a “vehicle that grows with you.”

Edgar and Dunford were two of four millennials with the company who unveiled the Portal. They were among dozens of young designers and engineers that worked to develop the vehicle.


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