Chrysler Pacifica S

2018 Chrysler Pacifica S Appearance Package

It features a variety of exterior black finish exterior trim, including the grille and headlight contours, and rear bumper. The wheels (18-inch standard, 20-inch optional), crests and roof rack are also in black.

Inside, the S option package incorporates an all-black interior, with dark gray accents around the instrumentation and door moldings. S emblems are also embroidered on the front seats. The set is however only aesthetic and does not affect the performance of the Pacifica. Available immediately in a concession, the S package sells for a retail price of $ 995. It will add $ 600 for the 20-inch wheels.

The S appearance package is charged $ 595 ($ 500) on the Touring Plus and $ 995 ($ 840) on other finishes.

Chrysler took the opportunity to point out that the Pacifica will soon benefit from 4G wifi.

2018 Chrysler Pacifica S Appearance Package

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