Chevy goes after aluminum Ford F-150

Chevy goes after aluminum Ford F-150

In the ad the Chevy emerges with just scratches and dents while the F-150 sustains heavy damage that includes punctures and cracks. According to Chevy, it filmed 12 takes of the bed durability test, with the results holding steady every time. Moreover, the F-150 average 4.3 punctures per shoot.

A Ford spokesman responded to the ads in a statement: “When you’re the market leader for 39 years, competitors sometimes try to take shots at you with marketing stunts. The fact remains that F-150’s high-strength, military grade, aluminum-alloy cargo box offers the best combination of strength, durability, corrosion resistance, capability, safety, and fuel efficiency ever offered in a pickup. We have built nearly a million new F-150s, and our lead over the competition continues to grow.”

The high-strength steel application in the bed is formulated through a roll-form, rather than traditional stamping, a process that enhances material strength by creating less material fatigue than stamping.

The second test was aimed at replicating a more every-day scenario, involving a steel toolbox pushed off the side rail of each truck. Chevrolet says that the toolbox left dents on the Silverado’s bed in 12 out of the 14 tries, with the last two drops leaving a pinhole puncture on the bed floor. In the case of the F-150 though, the toolbox only dented the aluminum bed once out of the 14 tries, leaving a sizeable puncture through the aluminum bed floor.

Chevy goes after aluminum Ford F-150

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