Chevrolet Silverado HD gets a new hood

Chevrolet Silverado HD gets a new hood

The other would be fake vents and gills. In an effort to make cars look sportier and more aggressive, many car companies are guilty of adding in fake vents and gills, to give off the impression that the car is pretentiously more aggressive than it really is. That’s because real vents and gills are used from a performance standpoint to aid cooling and aerodynamics. So it’s a bit disappointing to find a normal car, with what appears to be a vent or gill on a body panel, only to find it filled solid with plastic, making it a faux.

It’s like a woman buying a bra with fake tits just to make them look bigger–they look great from far away but when you’re up close, it’s a huge disappointment–no pun intended.

The Duramax’s key identifiers include namesake badges on the Colorado’s ­fenders and a bazooka-like tailpipe. The diesel’s clatter is more akin to a mini Peterbilt than a Mercedes-Benz BlueTec, but additional sound insulation prevents most of the noise from penetrating the cabin. Despite a stiffer front suspension, the ride quality remains respectable and the steering responses are commendable.

Testing the effectiveness of the system was rooted in real-world driving conditions of every degree – from misty rains to monsoon-level downpours; from powdery snow to wind-driven ice pellets; from desert dust to arctic cold.

Surprisingly, torrential downpours do not necessarily pose the biggest challenge, according to Kevin Dunn, global vehicle performance for splash engineering: “Big, heavy raindrops from a thunderstorm are relatively easy to eliminate from air. The more challenging issue comes from the mist-like spray generated by semitrucks on wet highways. Those very fine water droplets prove more challenging to separate from the air. The air intake is an elegant solution that works well with water droplets of all sizes. For customers, the results delivers maximum engine performance and even greater towing confidence.”

Chevrolet Silverado HD gets a new hood 1

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