Chevrolet S10 new generation

Chevrolet S10 new generation

And the wait has its special seasonings: firstly, because Chevrolet is an automobile with long experience in the pick ups segment; and on the other, because it is a great moment for the category, considering that is one of the fastest growing sales and also will add up to 2018 new players to make even more attractive segment.

As to S10, it is known that the model comes with new design, technology and safety improvements.

The brand new pick-up presents innovations in design, both exterior and interior, incorporating a new front grille, headlights and new tires. The interior features new upholstery and door finishes. It will be available in four versions: LS, LT, LTZ and High Country (HC) in 4×2 and 4×4 versions.

The new Chevrolet S10 adds active equipment, unprecedented security category, incorporating frontal collision alert and lane departure warning, providing more safety in handling and helping to prevent accidents.

As for the Trailblazer, only available in full version LTZ, with automatic transmission. One of the pluses is that adds side and curtain airbags (the S10 has only front). Its price is $ 825,000, and comes from Brazil like the S10. Competes directly against the Toyota SW4.

Returning to S10, in equipment highlights: alert forwarding lane, warning frontal crash, start the engine by remote control (automatic), front parking sensor and for all versions dual airbags and traction control and stability. The detail of equipment for each version so you can download below.

Chevrolet S10 new generation

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