Chevrolet Points Out F-150 Weakness

Chevrolet Points Out F-150 Weakness

unfortunately, has seen better days in the pickup space. And that’s probably why General Motors is playing the proverbial desperate man doing desperate things, having launched a new marketing campaign that arguably lands some low blows on Ford and the F-150. And it’s not surprising, considering how the F-150 is seemingly pulling farther and farther away from the Silverado in terms of domestic vehicle sales.

Yes, it does seem like a shot in the nuts, as Chevrolet on Wednesday fired off a vicious volley against the F-150. Directly mentioning Ford’s best-selling truck, the Chevy ads stated that lab tests have revealed the Silverado’s high-strength steel bed is more resistant to damage than the aluminum bed of the F-150. Loaders were shown dumping concrete blocks onto both trucks’ beds, and while those blocks punched holes into the F-150’s bed, the Silverado’s bed escaped with minor scratches and dings. Those tests, however, were run without bed liners to protect either truck’s bed.

Pricing starts at $32,995 for a basic Silverado HD but climbs quickly as you add options and capability. My test truck rang up at $67,925, mainly due to the diesel engine and High Country luxury trim package.

Besides, Ford is already a step ahead of things as they assume that the buyers will get bed-liners the moment they purchase the F-150. This explains why there is a $300 bed-liner option offered with every pickup truck sold by Ford. Nice try Chevy!

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