Chevrolet Onix and Prisma 2017 in the local market

Chevrolet Onix and Prisma 2017 in the local market 1

In the neighboring country, the first became the best-selling 2015 car, while the latter won the leadership of the compact sedans in 2014 and repeated the following year.

Now the house chignon seeks to preserve the good time renewing both models that come to Argentina before the end of the year with some aesthetic, mechanical and technological developments, reported the website specialized Autocosmos.

The new Prisma also equipped the new multimedia system MyLink second generation, compatible with Android and Apple Auto carplay, which has a high resolution screen 7-inch multi-touch technology.

The model will be available in two trim levels: LT and LTZ, with a single naftera engine 1.4 liter 106 hp if it is powered by ethanol, while if the fuel is gasoline power is reduced to 98 hp. This drive can be associated with a manual or automatic transmission 6-speed. The new Prisma with propeller 1.4 MT6 ECO box can circulate, with a liter of gasoline, 15.4 km and 12.8 km route in town.

With 98 hp and 13 kgm of torque, the known 1.4 / 8v now working with a brand-new six-speed manual gearbox (formerly had five speeds) and automatic, updated and with the same number of relationships.

Meanwhile, equipment has now MyLink system generation Android Auto and Apple carplay, services OnStar, rear parking sensor, warning gear change, tire pressure indicator and electric steering instead of hydraulics.

After the launch in Brazil, both models will reach the Argentine market, something that could happen this year.

Chevrolet Onix and Prisma 2017 in the local market

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