Chevrolet Onix Effect 2018

Chevrolet Onix Effect 2018 1

I do not know how to work on Onix Effect, but the first edition of 2015 was based on the original. Now, Chevrolet sells it again at a price of $ 54,990 for two color options, the white summit seen in the photos and the red Carmin.

With a performance of 0 to 100 km / h, the speed of 10.5 seconds and maximum speed 180 km / h. Oss number of consumables, according to Brazilian Inmetro Labeling Program, were 8.6 km / l (ethanol) / 12.6 km / l (gasoline) after city and 10.2 km / l / 14.9 km / l ( G) after road – economy 18% higher than the previous effect.

Air conditioning; Electric locks and windows with remote control; Seat belt, driver’s seat and steering column with height adjustment; Steering wheel with audio and telephony controls; Dual airbag and ABS brakes with Distributed Electric Vehicle Front Forward (EBD) are also part of the Onix Effect.

Still in the visual, car stickers and stickers that we send motoring on the front grille, side and lid of the trunk, due to the emblems of emo embossed verse and chromed below the crease of the front door. In addition, there are several reasons why you are looking for LEDs, auxiliaries, black frame, lanterns, and more. After a few lower rear bumper (novelty to Onix Line 2018).

Chevrolet Onix Effect 2018 1

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