Chevrolet Onix Activ Test

Chevrolet Onix Activ Test 1

The most important changes are perceived in the frontal sector, where their changes seem to be that they had made a facelift, where the hood looks more elongated and inclined, with features marked to draw more aerodynamic lines.

The headlights are longer and thinner, and LED daytime lights are incorporated forming a signature of light that provides distinction and modernity. Although undoubtedly the most striking modification we find on your grill, accentuating the horizontal shape of the vehicle and styling it.

The model shows an aesthetic customization of all terrain, with details that give it a unique personality and a clearance to the ground, which gives you an extra couple of round roads off road.

Like the rest of the range and despite its off road profile, it incorporates the latest technologies, connectivity and design as solid arguments to pursue the goal set in the gold bow brand: make the Onyx number one market.

“Connect with your adventurous side”. So they promote Activ. In the course of this test, we can check together if that spirit is perceived not only in sight but also from the steering wheel.

Chevrolet Onix Activ Test

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