Chevrolet ‘hidden card’ Camaro SS .. feeling instinct

Chevrolet 'hidden card' Camaro SS .. feeling instinct

In addition to the dynamic driving performance, the advanced auxiliary system is also an advantage of the Camaro SS. It shows the essence of premium sports car beyond simple sprinter dimension such as dead zone warning system, rear side warning system, lane change warning system, electronically controlled driving safety system and rear camera.

Sports cars have clear goals. If you show a better performance than other cars, the basic thing is. But the Camaro SS is a smart sports car that goes beyond the basic goals and is equipped with the options that drivers need.

Most impressive is the premium BOSE surround sound system from nine boss speakers. Color head-up display and smart phone wireless charging system are eye-catching options, but music is a must for various driving.

Despite the long-range test, the boss sound that wraps around the body was attractive enough to be regarded as the backbone of the Camaro SS. Another remarkable feature is the ventilation sheet and the heated steering wheel. Most sports cars do not have these options. However, the Camaro SS is fitted with the basic option to match the domestic appeal.

Chevrolet 'hidden card' Camaro SS .. feeling instinct

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