This car is made of canvas

This car is made of canvas

Looking precisely the ideal electric car for commuting in major cities was born Rimono. The vehicle has been created by the Japanese designer Kota Nezu extravagant, that after surprising everyone by creating a maderajunto car Toyota has tried to overcome with Rimono, made of a fabric body.

Specifically, it is a blend of cotton and polyester similar to that used to make tarps and awnings. With this material, from Kota Nezu not only hope to have created a tough electric car water (which is no plan to end wet), but have managed to maximize the efficiency of vehicle: to be fabric, weighs less and their batteries can endure some more time.

Large or small, but above all, quiet and respectful of the environment, electric cars are slowly gaining some space on the asphalt of our cities. They are in one way or another, the truth is that no electric car is able to surprise as much as Rimono, the Japanese electric car made of cloth.

Beyond that striking material production, every detail of Rimono is designed to facilitate mobility in large cities: it is small (just over two meters long) and inside only fit two adults (or one adult and two children). Furthermore, its design and its colors is clear that Kota Nezu aims to conquer the youngest of cities crowded so they can go from one place to another without enduring many jams with his new blue and beige electric car that looks after leaving a movie cartoon.

This car is made of canvas

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