Camouflage bomb from Renault to the tooth felt

Camouflage bomb from Renault to the tooth felt

In addition, the Renault Megane RS gets four-wheel drive, one of the first in the segment. The 4Control system is controlled by an electromagnetic servomotor mounted on the rear axle and ensures that the car reaches new limits for stabilization during fast bends.

It is now known that the athlete is equipped with 4 Control four wheel steering. That is of course no surprise, because the less powerful Mégane GT knows all that. Of course, Renault Sport’s engineers have the rear wheel responses to steering wheel movements to the performance of the new R.S. Adjusted.

Also, the Renault Mégane R.S. Available with two chassis configurations. The Sport chassis offers an exceptional combination of driving dynamics and comfort for everyday use, while the Cup chassis is designed for maximum performance on the circuit.

Still no news about the motorization. That keeps Renault most likely secret until the presentation at the IAA in Frankfurt in September. This makes it possible for us to dream of the Alpine motorization, the 1.8 TCe. There he gets 252 hp, although Renault will have to take a dash to surpass the 275 hp of the previous generation Megane RS.

Camouflage bomb from Renault to the tooth felt

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