Cadillac to Axe ATS, CTS, XTS Nameplates

Cadillac to Axe ATS, CTS, XTS Nameplates

In the report, de Nysschen says that the ATS and the CTS won’t live beyond the current-generation cars, which reach the end of the road in 2019. But then he says that a new sedan, the CT5, will appear. With the CT6 matching up roughly with the long-wheelbase version of the BMW 5-series in size, the new CT5 can square off against the 3-series.

After some initial confusion over whether the larger Cadillac CT6 had a future, Cadillac boss Johan De Nysschen came clean with Reuters and explained the replacement plan: a new car called the Cadillac CT5 will replace the ATS and CTS.

Although Cadillac’s sales are up 27 percent globally during the first half of the year, numbers in the U.S. dropped slightly. Overall U.S. sales for Cadillac are down just 1.6 percent in the U.S., but sedan sales for the brand tumbled 16.3 percent.

Cadillac has until 2019 to figure out what the CT5 actually is. That isn’t a lot of time, so our money is on it being a repositioned, rationalized CTS. The platform’s not bad; it’s heavier than the larger CT6, but it’s fairly modern. Sadly, it’s unlikely that any of the standard powertrain options will get a revamp, but maybe some additional sound deadening or an active engine mount system to reduce NVH will quell the V6’s bad habits.

Cadillac to Axe ATS, CTS, XTS Nameplates

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